Chapter Awards Descriptions

Lifetime Achievement Award

By far the most prestigious and honorable award, the Public Relations Lifetime Achievement Award is reserved for those public relations professionals who have dedicated their career to the profession and the advancement of public relations. Non-members are eligible to receive the award too.

Chapter Member of the Year

The Member of the Year Award is one who goes above and beyond in their commitment of time and energy to ensure the success of the chapter. Not only has this recipient embraced the creative thinking and opportunities for participation in chapter programs and projects, but they also serve as an ambassador to the community for FPRA. This person excels at their profession and enjoys giving back to this chapter to inspire future PR leaders to learn and grow through FPRA.

PR Professional of the Year

The PR Professional of the Year award honors a chapter member who exemplifies the highest of standards in their commitment and execution of public relations. The recipient of this award displays a strong ethical and professional attitude. They are committed to raising the professional standard of the FPRA community and are a role model to others and set a standard for others to strive for.

Rising Star Award

The Rising Star Award recognizes an up-and-coming leader. This is someone who has shown enthusiasm and passion for the profession, and wherever you see them, they are likely to be making a positive difference through their service to chapter events, career pursuits and in other arenas. We like to encourage our members to seek opportunities to get involved and the Rising Star awardee is someone who puts this call into action.

President’s Unsung Hero

The Unsung Hero Award was created to recognize the contributions of an individual FPRA member for their hard work and dedication to the chapter ‘behind the scenes’ that helps to enhance and promote the Public Relations profession. This award honors an individual who consistently provides support and assistance to the chapter and its professional goals without hesitation. This award is given by the chapter president.

Emerging Leader in Action

The Emerging Leader in Action Award recognizes an up-and-coming student leader from Tampa Bay’s FPRA Student Chapter. This student demonstrates tenacity and a willingness to work diligently for the success of the FPRA student chapter. This student consistently illustrates creativity and enthusiasm for supporting their fellow public relations students and their involvement with the FPRA Tampa Bay board members.

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