FPRA Tampa Bay is one of 16 statewide chapters of the Florida Public Relations Association. With members in corporate, nonprofit, government and agency sectors, FPRA Tampa Bay seeks to the premier professional development association for PR practitioners in the Tampa Bay region. Our chapter meets on the third Thursday of every month at various locations throughout Tampa Bay. FPRA Tampa Bay members have multiple opportunities for professional growth and development through chapter networking events, seminars, accreditation and certification, local and state PR competitions, and the annual FPRA State Conference. For more information on the Florida Public Relations Association, visit FPRA.org.


Founded in 1938, the Florida Public Relations Association is the oldest PR association in the U.S. The Tampa Bay Chapter, originally called the Gasparilla Chapter, became FPRA’s first local chapter in 1956, followed by chapters in Orlando, Miami, Jacksonville and Tallahassee. In the late 1930s, Lt. Col. John W. Dillin, then director of public relations for the Miami Beach Chamber of Commerce, believed that Florida Chamber executives were not devoting enough attention to publicity and tourism. He organized a statewide meeting at the Tampa Terrace Hotel in 1938, where 45 attendees voted to form the Florida Association of Publicity Directors and elected Dillin as the first president. In 1951, members voted to change the name to the Florida Public Relations Association.


FPRA Tampa Bay Chapter

2016-2017 Board Members Contact Information

The Tampa Bay Chapter is led by chapter members who serve on the board of directors. The board is responsible for setting the chapter strategic direction and organizing monthly programs and events.

Estella Gray
Hill+Knowlton Strategies
Immediate Past President
Heather Grzelka, APR
Madeira Public Relations
President Elect, Image Chair
Kim Polacek, APR
Moffitt Cancer Center
VP of Professional Development
Chad McLeod, MBA, APR, CPRC
McLeod Communications
VP of Membership
Karen Morgan, APR, CPRC
VP of Communications
Martha Monfried
Ultimate Medical Academy
VP of Finance
Ashley Juno
Shaleria Faison
Social Media Chair
Awards and Recognition Committee
Brittany Jackson
Greater Tampa Realtors
Director of Public Relations
Jo Newton, APR
Programs Co-Chair
Corrie Benfield
Hillsborough Bar Association
Accreditation & Certification Chair
Cara Martin, APR
Southwest Florida Water Management District
Programs Chair
Jay Wilson, APR, CPRC
Nancy Gay, APR
Communications Committee
Market Research Chair
Crystal L. Lauderdale
Florida Polytechnic University
Communications Committee
Keeley Sheehan

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FPRA Code of Ethics
As members of the Florida Public Relations Association, we subscribe to the belief that inherent in the practice of public relations is the obligation of a public trust, which requires adherence of these principles:
  1. A member shall conduct his or her professional life in accord with the public interest.
  2. A member shall exemplify high standards of honesty and integrity while carrying out dual obligations to a client or employer and to the democratic process.
  3. A member shall deal fairly with the public, with past or present clients or employers and with fellow practitioners, giving due respect to the ideal of free inquiry and to the opinions of others.
  4. A member shall adhere to the highest standards of accuracy and truth, avoiding extravagant claims for ideas and words borrowed from others.
  5. A member shall not knowingly disseminate false or misleading information and shall act promptly to correct erroneous communications for which he or she is responsible.
  6. A member shall not engage in any practice, which has the purpose of corrupting the integrity of channels of communication or the processes of government.
  7. A member shall be prepared to identify publicly the name of the client or employer on whose behalf any public communication is made.
  8. A member shall not use any individual or organization professing to serve or represent an announced cause, or professing to be independent or unbiased, but actually serving another or undisclosed interest.
  9. A member shall not guarantee the achievement of specified results beyond the member’s direct control.
  10. A member shall not represent conflicting or competing interests without the express consent of those concerned, given after a full disclosure of the facts.
  11. A member shall not place himself or herself in a position where the member’s personal interest is or may be in conflict with an obligation to an employer or client, or others, without full disclosure of such interests to all involved.
  12. A member shall not accept fees, commissions, gifts or any other consideration from anyone except clients or employers for whom services are performed without their express consent, given after a full disclosure of the facts.
  13. A member shall scrupulously safeguard the confidences and privacy rights of present, former, and prospective clients or employers.
  14. A member shall not intentionally damage the professional reputation or practice of another practitioner.
The FPRA membership approved this uniform code of ethics in 1987 as proposed by the North American Public Relations Council. It replaced the original code adopted in 1959.