Bay Area Communicators Summit

2023 FRPA Communications Summit - Speakers [Facebook]

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This year we are extremely excited to bring back the Tampa Bay Communicator Summit program in conjunction with our annual Image Awards Ceremony. We look forward to hosting some of the best communication experts in our area to deliver an educational and practical program with a focus on modern-day PR. We will also recognize some of our area’s best of the best at our Image Awards Ceremony. Mark your calendars for an amazing Friday shared with your peers at the stunning Centre Club.

Date: Friday, April 28

Time: 11 a.m. – Networking; 11:30 a.m. – 2:30 p.m. – Program

Location: Centre Club (123 South Westshore Blvd., Tampa)

Price: Members – $60; Non-members $75; Students $40

Deadline to register: Monday, April 24 at noon

We are proud to announce our speakers and their presentations 

BOUNCE Back from Setbacks — Dr. Robin Lavitch

In her workshop B.O.U.N.C.E. Back from Setbacks, Dr. Robin Lavitch will share the key components that build resilience and help people overcome adversity and stress. This interactive and fun workshop will discuss the six parts of B.O.U.N.C.E.:  Belief, Optimism, Understanding Self, Nurturing Connections, Compassion and Efficacy and offer easy to use tools for each. Professionals will gain an understanding of the research and participate in practical activities they can use personally or share with others.

Stretching: Pushing your Crisis Response into Greater Diversity, Equity and Inclusion — Chauncia Willis

When was the last time you reviewed your crisis or disaster response plans through a DEI lens? Are you or your team equipped to reach and engage with diverse audiences during an emergency? Join certified emergency manager and cultural diversity expert Chauncia Willis to get some of the best tips for increasing your DEI readiness and resiliency in the face of any crisis.

Is This Our AI Promethean Moment: Artificial Intelligence in Today’s Business Landscape — Joel Davis, DBA

Artificial Intelligence, and technology in general, continues its relentless march forward. Recent developments have left researchers and practitioners questioning if we are at a major societal turning point. This presentation will cover a brief overview of AI (what it is, how it works) and implications for society, in particular employment and business opportunities and risks.


A special thank you again to our program sponsors — Union Home Mortgage and Realty Experts Inc.