Take 5: The Things You Get Back When You’re Willing to Give


FPRA Tampa Bay is dedicated to not only enhancing the careers of our members but also making our community a better place to live and work. We want to extend our gratitude to all FPRA members and friends who came out to support the Children’s Cancer Center last Thursday for our annual holiday networking event at Flambe. Your generous donations will help support families facing financial hardship caused by a child’s life-threatening illness.

For public relations professionals, the season of giving is one that encompasses the full calendar year. In addition to helping you find personal fulfillment, dedicating time to a cause or organization you believe in can have tremendous career rewards. Here are five things you get back when you are willing to give:

1. Building your skill set and expanding into areas of PR that your day job may not include. Are you an internal communications pro looking for experience in media relations? Offer to write news releases for a nonprofit in need!

2. Meeting new people and making genuine connections with other professionals who share the same interests.  Networking comes naturally when you’re working with passionate people on a great project or for a great cause.

3. Growing your client portfolio if you are a solo practitioner. Great work is great work, whether you’re paid for it or not!

4. Exploring an industry that you may eventually want to transition into. Are you interested in working in the health care field? Volunteering with a health-related nonprofit such as the Children’s Cancer Center or the American Heart Association could be a great first step.

5. Rounding out your resume so you’re not all work and no play. We know day jobs can be draining, but volunteering for a cause you care about can revive your passion for PR.

In the end, we all know that volunteering is its own reward. So do what you love, and the results will follow!