Get to Know FPRA Tampa Bay Board Member Leah Saunders


Meet Leah Saunders – Senior Account Executive, B2 Communications
Communications Committee
FPRA member for 6 years

What is your favorite part of PR?
My favorite part of PR is that we can make a difference for our company or clients, whether it’s promoting a new product and helping boost sales or increasing awareness of how a company benefits its community.

Why did you join FPRA?
I joined FPRA Tampa Bay when I graduated college (UCF) to help me network and meet other professionals in the area.

Why should local PR pros get involved with FPRA Tampa Bay?
It’s a great way to meet other like-minded professionals, get job leads, learn from other PR pros and make friends! It’s also a great way to meet PR professionals from around the state since FPRA is a statewide organization.

What do you do for fun?
I like to run, do home improvement projects and cook.

How do you stay involved in the Tampa Bay community?
Through FPRA, of course! Also through attending networking events and keeping in touch with colleagues that I have met throughout my career.