Take 5: Career Advice for Better Work-Life Balance


At FPRA Tampa Bay, we are always looking for great career advice. That’s why we’re excited about our upcoming LinkedIn webinar on Feb. 24 featuring career adviser Toni Howard Lowe, CEO and founder of The Corporate Tea, an online career strategy network. Lowe will be sharing her top tips for creating a stellar LinkedIn profile. Be sure to register!

In her blog recently, Lowe shared some other great career tips related to maintaining a good work-life balance:

Managing Time Wisely/To-Do List – Nothing’s wrong with a good old-fashion to-do note. However, if you are techy like me, then you know there are types of cool apps to help you along like Springpad, Evernote and Todo.ly. Preparation is key!

Sufficient Sleep – Traditionally, adults need 6 to 8 hours of sleep. Find your balance and learn to rest!

Breaking Bad Habits – In many cases, you need to see where much of your idle time is spent. It’s easy to be sucked into the black hole of social media, the Internet and (worse) reality TV. So get off the couch and power down!

Exercise/ Meditate/ Reflect – Turn your snooze button into a muse button and take a few minutes to reflect on solving the world’s problems before putting your feet on the floor or grabbing your cell phone.

Learning to Say NO! – If you tend to be a jack of all trades and people call on you to do a lot of things, learn to just say “NO!” You’ll be better for it. So enjoy yourself “NOT” doing your way to greatness!

Read more of Lowe’s blog here.