#myFPRA: Leah Saunders

This year, we’re asking FPRA Tampa Bay members to share their stories about why they first joined FPRA and what their experiences as members have been like for #MyFPRA.


FPRA Tampa Bay member Leah Saunders, account manager at B2 Communications, was on the board for seven years. A past president of FPRA Tampa Bay, Leah also served on the programs committee and the communications committee, where she led media relations for the chapter. A graduate of the University of Central Florida, she became a member and board member right after she graduated and moved back to Tampa.


Why did you first join FPRA?


 I was initially a student member of the Orlando chapter, and once I graduated from UCF I joined the Tampa Bay chapter to meet people in the PR industry and to network. I also graduated during one of the toughest years of the recession (in 2009), so it was a great way for me to become involved in the community and industry while looking for a job.


What’s been the best benefit or most meaningful aspect of FPRA membership?


The best thing about my experience with FPRA is how many connections and friends I made through serving on the board. It’s been a great experience for me and has served me extremely well in my professional growth.


Why would you recommend FPRA membership to other PR professionals?


I would recommend it for anyone who wants to grow professionally and meet other likeminded professionals and friends. You’ll meet other professionals who can benefit you, and you’ll also learn valuable skills to help you grow in your career.


Stay tuned! We’ll be featuring more #MyFPRA stories from members throughout our Association. If you have a #MyFPRA story to share, email our VP of Communications Martha Monfried.