ICYMI: 8 Tips for Instagram Success


As we gear up for this year’s FPRA Annual Conference on August 7-10, we are reminded of all the great lessons that came out of last year’s conference. The tips below are an excerpt from Brandi Welk’s post on “Instagram for PR Success,” presented by Heather Whaling, president of Geben Communications.

1. Get creative with your content. Nobody wants to see the same content every day. Have fun!

2. Humanize your brand. People love to learn about people! Go behind-the-scenes and share successes of your team or client stories.

3. Post frequently, but don’t get crazy! Posting three times a week is enough, unless it’s event oriented.

4. Reward the behaviors you want your audience to repeat. If someone posts about your product or comments on a post, engage with them by commenting back or regramming.

5. Be smarter about hashtags. Create and use hashtags that are unique to your brand and relevant to your audience.

6. Increase engagement. Once again, engage in online conversation with your followers.

7. Create an Instagram style guide. Consistency is important for building a brand.

8. Be professional. Instagram is a fun and casual platform, but you can’t relax to the point of letting your professional standards down.

Read the full blog post here.