Get to Know FPRA Tampa Bay Social Media Chair Corrie Benfield

Meet Corrie Benfield – Director of Public Relations & Communications, Hillsborough County Bar Association
Social Media Chair
FPRA member for 3 years

Why did you join FPRA Tampa Bay?
When I transitioned from print journalism to public relations, I joined FPRA Tampa Bay to meet other professionals who had been in the field awhile. I wanted to learn best practices and connect with people who worked in all aspects of PR, from media relations to crisis communications.

Why should local PR pros get involved with FPRA Tampa Bay?
I got hooked after attending just one FPRA event. Everyone was so friendly, and it became quickly obvious that I could make quality connections through this group. I meet new people at every event I attend, so I would encourage anyone who wants to build their local network to join our chapter.

What’s your favorite social media platform for PR?
As our chapter’s social media chair and a former newspaper copy editor, I love Twitter. Summing up stories in punchy headlines, picking out the most interesting angles to promote, and keeping everything short and sweet – it is an editor’s dream. From a PR perspective, I think Twitter is a goldmine of resources and influencers to help you stay on top of your game and promote your organization.

What’s your go-to source for PR tips and trends?
I will take tips anywhere I can get them, so I don’t have just one source. But I enjoy Inc. and Fast Company. Although they’re not PR-focused, they have a lot of articles that relate to the field.

What do you do for fun?
I am a craft fanatic. If I can glue it, sew it or paint it, I’m in. My husband and I are also in the midst of renovating a crazy bungalow built in 1908, so I enjoy researching creative fixes to old-house problems.