Get to Know FPRA Tampa Bay Immediate Past President Chad McLeod

Meet Chad McLeod, APR – Principal, McLeod Communications
Immediate Past President
FPRA member for 4 years

Why did you join FPRA Tampa Bay?
I was initially looking for networking opportunities in the PR field. I attended my first FPRA meeting, and one of the board members invited me to join. The rest is history!

Why should local PR pros get involved with FPRA Tampa Bay?
I can’t think of a better group for PR pros in the area than FPRA Tampa Bay. We strive to be the region’s premier PR association, providing our members with the best professional development and networking opportunities. We have such a diverse group of PR pros in our chapter – government, nonprofit, agency and corporate. I’m always learning something new from my conversations with other members.

Why do you love PR?
I love the challenge of working in the communication business. PR plays such a major role in helping organizations achieve success. It’s fun being part of that process.

What’s your favorite social media platform for PR?

What’s your go-to source for PR tips and trends?
For strictly PR tips and trends, I like I’m also a bit of a business nerd, so I read the business and financial press to see what’s trending and how it relates to my PR work.

What do you do for fun?
I have two kids, Samuel, 2, and Charlee, 8 months, so they are my fun these days. When I’m not with the kids, I love running, and I enjoy fishing Tampa Bay on my stand-up paddle board.

How do you stay involved in the Tampa Bay community?
Through FPRA. I’ve found that being connected to many members in different industries allows me to stay involved in the Tampa Bay community.