Get to Know FPRA Tampa Bay VP of Membership Jason Medina

Meet Jason Media – Communications Consultant
VP of Membership
FPRA member for 7 years

Why did you join FPRA Tampa Bay?
New to the area, I was overwhelmed by trying to learn the “ins and outs” of the local PR industry on my own. Out of all of the associations and clubs I looked into, the Tampa Bay chapter of FPRA was the most welcoming.

Why should local PR pros get involved with FPRA Tampa Bay?
Just about everything we do in PR – from prospecting for new business to hiring a videographer on short notice to just needing an objective sounding board – requires a reliable network of peers. The local chapter can serve as the core of your local PR network, and the broader association can help you navigate Florida.

Why do you love PR?
The profession is unique in a couple different ways. We get to do what few others want to do and what few others get to do. And really, what else can former band nerds and theater geeks do after graduation?

What’s your go-to source for PR tips and trends?
Watching the current presidential campaigns, debates, interviews and even Tweets is a great way to learn about the state of PR at the national level. Each candidate is trying to harness the power of communication to relate with a large group of people on an almost daily basis.