3 Helpful Hints for Creating an Effective Video


What is the science behind successful video storytelling? Dan Farkas, instructor of strategic communications at Ohio University’s E.W. Scripps School of Journalism, says it’s all a mind game.

Look at the human eye. Your eye can see wide, medium, tight and really tight. Everything you shoot needs to be shot from all four of these aspects. You must accommodate the human eye in order to build engagement with your user. Do the work to get the best shot.

Farkas shared the following three tips for creating an effective video during a breakout session at the 2015 FPRA Annual Conference:

1. Play 3-D Four Square. Remember the Four Square game as a child at recess? You must capture your video from four vantage points. Farkas gave an example of a news conference. Sure, it seems like a boring, classroom style shot. Find four vantage points such as the speaker, the audience, the side stage and the media. Float between these vantage points and the shot variations mentioned above with the human eye.

2. Master BPM-Beats Per Minute. Every story has a baseline pace. You must understand your audience’s pace and cater to that. Through content and vantage points, you have seven seconds to engage your user. You must change the pace every seven seconds to keep the user engaged. When you pause the content, you must actually speed up the pace through graphics, music or verbal content.

3. Become a Hoarder. In one and a half days of shooting, there is enough content captured to generate 11 videos! Why? You take every single morsel of content shot on those days. Stretch your money and time across the board by getting a wide amount of content. Ensure that you own the raw footage. You never know how that content could come to life in a different video.

Editor’s note: This is a shorter version of a post written by Whitney Ladwig for the FPRA Annual Conference blog team. Read the full post here.